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Get Help with Pain Sensitivity Caused by Management Medication

 Long-term opioid exposure as part of a medication management regimen can lead to increased sensitivity, or hyperalgesia

Are you or someone you love afflicted with increased pain sensitivity? Chronic or acute exposure to opioids can lead to hyperalgesia, a condition of increased sensitivity both in localized areas, such as the site of an injury, and throughout the body. This side effect can be severe, and is one of the reasons why opioid use should be carefully monitored and limited by a trained and competent physician. Over-prescription, abuse, and sometimes even what would normally be a healthy dose of pain management medication can leave patients afflicted with sensitivity that will seriously limit their quality of life.

Your Pain Community is your source for information on pain management medication and support for the side effects like pain sensitivity that can make prescription drugs so dangerous. The Center for Disease Control lists prescription drug abuse and overdose as one of the leading health dangers of 2014. Management medications, particularly opioids, are among the most dangerous prescription medications when overprescribed, taken carelessly, or abused recreationally. Even when the most serious side effects such as dependency and death are avoided, exposure to pain management medication can lead to sensitivity that is a long-lasting and serious consequence.

 Treatment of pain sensitivity caused by management medication can be difficult

You may be experiencing opioid-induced hyperalgesia if you have been taking prescription medication for chronic pain and increased dosage is not effective at managing the pain. The mechanisms that cause increased sensitivity are complex and still poorly understood. Unlike tolerance, which can be compensated for with an increase of management medication, sensitivity will worsen from increased dosage. Treatment can be difficult and may involve use of other pain-blocking medication, such as NMDAR antagonists, with come with their own dangers.

To safely navigate the dangers of pain management, such as increased sensitivity caused by opioids, Your Pain Community provides support and information under the direction of Dr. Lynn Webster, a leading expert in safe pain medication and opioid prescription. There is no need to face the difficulties of addiction, overdose and side effects without help and support.