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Living with a an debilitating condition like chronic pain can be a heavy burden, and finding support for managing it is essential to enjoy a healthy, satisfied life. is your community for helpful support and management. Chronic pain can feel isolating, and the support of an understanding community can help alleviate the stress and frustration that goes along with management. Our goal is to give you a voice to tell your story, to give comfort and relief to you and others seeking disability support.

Pain management comes with its own unique difficulties, and is place where you can come together with others that understand what you're going through. Here, you can share how you've dealt with your pain and see how others have overcome their challenges. The reliable and helpful support provided by sharing your experiences with others that understand your pain can be very powerful. Whether you are a person coping or you are a caregiver or observer of someone that needs support for their pain management, we hope that you can tell your story and find relief through our community.

 Pain Management

Dr. Lynn Webster has helped people with their pain management for decades and is a leading voice in the field. He brings his expertise, knowledge and understanding to assemble a wealth of information on the latest issues in pain management. Information is power in support, and Dr. Webster works to keep an up-to-date collection of the best strategies for management.

In addition to the information provided by Dr. Webster, the greatest benefit provided by this community is the stories, tips and strategies shared by users like you. Our goal is to bring people together to allow them to share what they're struggling with, what worked, and what didn't. You don't have to go through your pain management alone. We can help you find the reliable support that you need to succeed in the challenges posed by a chronic  condition.

 Prescription Abuse Epidemic

One of the leading concerns in health care is the epidemic of prescription medication abuse. Overdose on prescription drugs is now one of the leading causes of accidental death. We hope to help educate chronic pain sufferers, their providers and other people affected by those in need of support on the dangers of prescription drug misuse, and reduce the deadly impact of this epidemic. If you or someone you know has been affected by prescription drug overdose, we hope you will feel comfortable sharing your story so that others can learn from your experience.