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Dr. Webster is helping with chronic pain management in order to help individuals live a happier, fuller life.

Every typical day you have many different activities you do, such as sitting at work, walking, bending over, lifting and the list goes on and on.  One in three people eventually have to endure these simple tasks with the discomfort of chronic pain.  Physical activity of any sort become more difficult, and people lose out on productivity, social life, and relationship quality due to the unforgiving persistence of chronic disease.  Living with that pain can be come overwhelming and people start searching for chronic pain management to get rid of the aching. When individuals experience the discomfort of chronic pain, they often turn to prescription drugs as a means to give them temporary relief.

A community designed for chronic pain support

With Dr. Webster there is a community where people come together for ideas and solutions revolving around their chronic disease and pain.  With pain going hand in hand with prescription drugs, individuals can share their stories.  Whether they range from alternative methods of treatment, addiction, loss, or simply managing pain, anyone is welcome. The forum is set up so that submission is simple and finding other similar stories is easy.  Often people suffering from chronic pain slip into depressive states, requiring a full support system.  This website is an opportunity to help those suffering with the same conditions and provide an outlet about a subject that isn't often addressed. 

The importance of tracking prescription pills

No matter which chronic disease or ailments, the website offers up educational resources, including medical journals and articles.  It provides updated and accurate information, making sure participants are aware of the dangers associated with opioids and other prescription drugs. With such a high volume of overdose in the country, it's vital that individuals know the guidelines surrounding their prescription drugs. This includes taking only as much as your prescribed, keeping track of pill amounts, and ensuring that people take the right combination of medication.  This preventative care ensures that less people become overdose statistics.