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Having a chronic pain disorder proves to be a difficult way to navigate through life.  It makes individuals reevaluate their entire day, down to the way they walk and what position they take on their couch.   With Dr. Webster online community, he has made an online society to help people share their chronic pain story; how it first appeared, which treatments have worked, and how they manage the lifestyle.  Individuals are providing stories that relate to others who suffer from the same condition.  Sharing success and options makes this website an invaluable source for individuals looking to improve their current condition and return to a life of productivity.

The widespread chronic disease diagnoses

People understand that chronic pain is just irritable and seems almost impossible to get rid of, but if you visit this online community you will see how others are feeling and what they are doing to manage their chronic pain.  Implementing some of the non-medical methods can improve your quality of life and help alleviate some of the pain.  These individuals show that people aren't alone in their pain and functions as a prominent example of how widespread chronic disease has become.

The dangers associated with the world of chronic pain. 

Chronic pain disorder is a contributing factor the epidemic of pharmaceutical overdose and overdose deaths.  As the second most abused drug in the nation, prescription drugs are rapidly becoming more popular.  This online community helps individuals manage their chronic pain while avoiding the pitfalls of addiction. It goes through steps and tips that help individuals manage their pain medication in a responsible way.  It also boasts a wide range of articles that inform users about the current drug industry and the steps being taken to find a balance between painkillers and chronic pain.  Some tips that Dr. Webster uses for chronic disorders are his "Eight Opiod Safety Principles" that are located under the "Resources" page. Some of the tips that he includes are things that can be simple and become habits.    Visit this online community that has helped many win the battle against pain disorders and are welcoming to new stories everyday.