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Pain Killers Often Carry a Negative Association in their Assistance for Individuals Struggling with Chronic Disease.

As a subjective measurement, chronic disease and pain have been something overlooked in the passed.  However, as chronic disease becomes increasingly more common, along with the accompanying pain killers, medical professionals are turning a larger focus onto the issue.  Though no definitive pathology (know cause) exists for a wide range of chronic disease, pain management is becoming a popular topic for suffering individuals.  Pain killers are playing a major role in controlling the issue of chronic disease, while resulting in their own array of negative consequences. 

The role of pain killers in helping with chronic disease. 

Chronic disease requires some sort of management.  Over the past few decades, pain killers have become the main source of relief and comfort. They allow individuals to carry on living with the same sense of normalcy they are used to. However, the medication's easy accessibility and mind releasing qualities have resulted in a large range of misuse and eventual overdose.  The addiction and death of individuals as a result of pain killers has reached staggering numbers, requiring the attention of medical professionals as well as the general population. 

Finding a balance between pain killers and chronic disease management is crucial to eliminating these unnecessary deaths.  Companies have created time released capsules, allowing bursts of medication from the pill every few hours.  These can easily be crushed however, resulting in their continued abuse.  Tamper-resistant medications have hit the market, providing a reasonable alternative.  Generic brands often lack this tamper-resistance, making them more prone to be abused.  Whatever part of the equation you belong to, it can be difficult to live in the stigma that currently surrounds chronic disease and the medical industry embodying it. 

An online pain community that assists individuals with chronic disease management.

This website, an online pain community for individuals from all sides of the spectrum offers support and personal experiences.  Individuals who suffer from chronic disease, addiction, or loss are welcome to share their stories and experiences.  The community website provides an educational resource for individuals troubled with the outlined issues.  Knowing the facts and getting involved is often the necessary steps to strike a balance between chronic disease and pain killers.  Dr. Lynn Webster, a researcher in prescription medication, offers insights and support for community members, using his years of experience to guide them towards the right resources.