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Welcome Letter

Welcome to our community—Your community!  

This unique website was designed to serve as a community for those suffering from pain.  Here people can come together and share how they have been able to manage their pain; share solutions to how they live with their pain.  I have spent my entire career fighting for appropriate therapy for the one in three Americans who suffer from chronic pain.  I have heard endless stories from my patients about how no one understands them and their pain.  They may feel alone.  I understand this, and it is why I felt it was so important to build this community website where everyone can share and exchange their experiences.  I think of it as a place to help people find virtual solutions.

Whether you are a person in pain yourself or a caregiver to someone in pain, this is a community where all can be heard and where stories are understood by others who know your story.  This site is to let you know that you are not alone.  Here you will hear the challenges others face and share experiences that may help others who have loss due to their pain.  This is your community.  We invite you to share your stories and solutions. 


Lynn R. Webster, M.D.



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